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The Family Map can be used effectively for record keeping and monitoring, self-assessment, and outcomes measurement. Administering the Family Map at the beginning and end of the program year allows programs to monitor improvement across families and to identify new strengths and concerns. It can also help early childcare programs demonstrate the impact of services to families and to determine new kinds of support needed by families.

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Research – HSRC 2009 Documenting Impacts

This training was very informative and shed a different light on Family Map! I hope that this training/trainer is used often. The manual is great and will be useful for all purposes!


“…it has been a great tool so far and helped us a lot to set the direction and guidelines when developing our family service plan.”


“…We are so excited to implement this tool…”


“…It has created a culture of openness and trust between our parents and staff. Through the Family Map process parents come to understand that we genuinely care about their family’s overall well-being…”


“…Initially, several teachers were resistant to using the Family Map, but they changed their minds after they saw how well it helped them to get to know their families better…”


“…I think it can open a conversation up about what people might need in addition to what they are already doing or what they seem to be missing…”


“My teacher really showed concern.”


“I really like how thorough they are…”


“The teacher showed concern…”


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